Welder Inverter, EWM Tetrix 230AC/DC Tig

Welder Inverter, EWM Tetrix 230AC/DC Tig

Inverter welding machine, AC/DC TIG and MMA welding Modular (gas- or water-cooled)  *   Gas-cooled version: Portable, including shoulder strap Comfort:   * All parameters can be set via the user menu  8 jobs can be programmed *  More effective welding with activArc technology Spotmatic – saves 50% of tacking time  * Connection capability for remote control, function torch, cooling unit * Cooling unit can be changed with no need for tools or need to open the machine   * 3 m mains supply lead with 16 A shock-proof plug

Overvoltage protection: No damage to machine caused if inadvertently connected to 400-V mains voltage

Easy to use on site         The Retox torch allows all programs, operating modes and the up/down function to be called up at the touch of a button.     Alternating current types for every need Different types of alternating current allow welding properties to be individually selected: sinusoid – for agreeably low-noise welding; trapezoid – the all-round setting for almost every application; rectangular – for particularly difficult applications AC special for thin to thick                                              Simple and reliable: 1 mm to 10 mm! Reliable joining of aluminium panels with very different thicknesses: good penetration in the thicker panel, no melting through the thin panel.    Reliable ignition AC: Reliable ignition, stable arc because the shape of the balled end can be very easily adjusted in line with the tungsten electrode diameter. This reduces electrode wear DC: coordinated welding start parameters for ideal ignition conditions with every application.    Endless power with a 1-phase mains supply 230 amperes welding current from a 230 volt mains supply with shock-proof plug (16 ampere mains fuse) 100% suitable for construction sites                                                                                                                                                  Perfect for large construction sites and very tough assembly work with mains supply leads up to 50 metres or connected directly to a generator. High tolerance to mains fluctuations ensures a perfect welding result.

Tetrix 230 AC/DC Comfort 5P TM TIG MMA                                                                                                                 Setting range for welding current 3 A - 230 A 5 A - 180 A Duty cycle at ambient temperature 25 °C 40 °C 25 °C 40 °C 35 % – 230 A – 180 A 40 % 230 A – – – 45 % – – 180 A – 60 % 180 A 160 A 160 A 140 A 100 % 150 A 130 A 140 A 110 A           Open circuit voltage 45 V Mains frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz Mains fuses (slow-blow) 1 x 16 A Mains voltage (tolerances) 1 x 230 V (-40 % - +15 %) Max. connected load 5.2 kVA 5.8 kVA                                                                                        Recommended generator power 7.8 kVA Dimensions, machine,                                                                                LxWxH in mm 600 x 205 x 415 Weight, machine 19.3 kg Protection classification IP 23 Insulation class F Torch connection Decentral Standards IEC 60 974-1; -3; -10 / CE / S-Safety sign / EMC class A                                                                     ? Proven convenience – all welding parameters can be adjusted                                                                                     ? One-knob operation and clear, self-explanatory operating panel                                                                                   ? LED user menu for setting all welding parameters                                                                                                      ? 10 JOBs (welding tasks) which can also be accessed from the torch                                                                             ? Reproducible setting of all welding parameters by means of digital display                                                                         ? AC parameters for frequency, balance and tungsten electrode diameter are adjustable using rotary knobs 

? Highlights ? Alternating current forms for every need: sinusoidal – trapezoidal – rectangular ? AC special – simple joining of aluminium sheets of very different thicknesses, e.g.1 mm to 10 mm ? Simultaneous AC welding on both sides – synchronisation via mains voltage! ? activArc – precise, focussed arc with reduced heat input and deep penetration for optimum root fusion ? Pulsed TIG welding in Hz and kHz ranges – with or without remote control – for thin metal sheets, difficult materials and special welding tasks ? Spotmatic – saves 50% of tacking time ? Connection capability: remote control, up/down and Retox torches ? Also ideal for mechanised and automated applications



T/A 165i MMA Inverter 240v

Capable of 3.2mm electrode 

    In carrycase c/w leads   

             £199 plus vat                                                                                                                       


  Kapio S4 Respiratory Unit


c/w ADF, Helmet, Battery,

     Charger & Holdall

           ONE ONLY

         £349 plus vat

also one only Navitek S13

Respiratory Unit complete

        £465 plus vat


   Should you be using

    Ceramic Flap Discs ?

  Check the cost saving !

Compact Mig Offer



   c/w 3m Torch, Regulator

   & reel 0.8mm Mig Wire

           £599 plus vat

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