Mig Welder, T/A XM325 c/w SWFU, ABRAWEB DEAL !


T/A XM325 Separate wire feed MIG welding machine c/w Argon Regulator & MB36 4m Torch


T/A XM325 Separate wire feed 40-350amp Mig Welding Unit

- 7400221

Mains Fuse: 16Amp Volt steps: 16 Duty Cycle: 300A @ 60% Intercon: 5 Mtr Voltage 415V

A professional range of compact mig welding machines designed for medium to heavy duty industrial welding applications.   The machines are designed and manufactured in the UK using high quality components to give long term reliability even in the most demanding environments, and are probably the most reliable range of compact migs in use in the UK.   All models comply with CE requirements and are marked appropriately.   All machines are guaranteed for one year with five years on main components i.e. transformer and inductor.

Standard features: Wire speed control, stepped voltage adjustment, burnback, torch trigger latching, very smooth welding characteristics. Options: 2roll standard or 2 roll gearde drive, 230v single phase or 400v three phase are standard, dual voltage machines and other voltages available e.g. 110v, 480v

T/A XM325 Separate wire feed MIG welding machine c/w Argon Regulator & MB36 4m Torch 



T/A 165i MMA Inverter 240v

Capable of 3.2mm electrode 

    In carrycase c/w leads   

             £199 plus vat                                                                                                                       


  Kapio S4 Respiratory Unit


c/w ADF, Helmet, Battery,

     Charger & Holdall

           ONE ONLY

         £349 plus vat

also one only Navitek S13

Respiratory Unit complete

        £465 plus vat


   Should you be using

    Ceramic Flap Discs ?

  Check the cost saving !

Compact Mig Offer



   c/w 3m Torch, Regulator

   & reel 0.8mm Mig Wire

           £599 plus vat

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