Mig Welder, T/A XM425 SWFU Industrial, ABRAWEB DEAL !


Tech Arc 425 Industrial Separate Wire Feed Mig Welder c/w Argon Regulator & MB36 4m Torch


Tech Arc 425 Industrial Separate Wire Feed Mig Welder

A heavy duty range of MIG welding machines designed for all industrial welding applications.   This range of machines offer the user the very best welding performance with minimal spatter and a soft stable arc throughout the range.   Designed in the UK using high quality components to industrial standards.   At the heart of each machine is a copper-wound transformer and other top quality parts, all constructed inside a heavy duty powder coated steel casing ensuring a reliable and durable welding unit.

Size approx 1230mmH (inc WFU) 570mmW (inc wheels) 930mmL    Amps range 50-420 Duty cycle @ 60% 400a Input fuse 20a Welding Wire 0.6-1.6mm   

 All models comply with BS EN60974-1, BS EN50199, WEE/HD0071UZ   Why accept an imported machine when you can buy a top quality British made machine for a similar price!   Full Service and Spares Back-up

Main features   • Good range of volt steps for very fine adjustment of power   • Super smooth welding characteristics through the range.   • 100% copper wound transformer with 5 year warranty.   • Very high duty cycle.   • High efficiency of over 90% to minimise electric usage.   • Easy setting infinitely variable wire speed control.   • Torch trigger latching fitted as standard.   • Adjustable electronic burn back.   • 2T / 4T trigger functions.   • Wire inch & gas purge functions.   • Industry standard euro torch connection.   • Can be used with all wire and spool sizes.   • The strongest steel case of any compact MIG in the industry.   • Large 250mm wheels & HD front casters   • Voltage switches have steel shafts not plastic like competitors   • Quality wire drive system and powerful motor.   • Robust ultra-reliable PCB in wire feeder.   • All models have an all metal wire drive system.   • 4x4 wire drive on all models 400A & above.   • Really rugged machines for industry.

Options; Water cooling for heavy production applications. Interconnetors up to 30M long Enclosed wire feeder as shown or open type Digital volt & ammeters Swivel kit so feeder sits on top of power source & turns. Casters on wire feeder. Upgrade to 4x4 drive on 300 & 350 480V split phase models F400G open super heavy duty feeder option for the heaviest applications

Tech Arc 425 Industrial Separate Wire Feed Mig Welder c/w Argon Regulator & MB36 4m Torch 



T/A 165i MMA Inverter 240v

Capable of 3.2mm electrode 

    In carrycase c/w leads   

             £199 plus vat                                                                                                                       


  Kapio S4 Respiratory Unit


c/w ADF, Helmet, Battery,

     Charger & Holdall

           ONE ONLY

         £349 plus vat

also one only Navitek S13

Respiratory Unit complete

        £465 plus vat


   Should you be using

    Ceramic Flap Discs ?

  Check the cost saving !

Compact Mig Offer



   c/w 3m Torch, Regulator

   & reel 0.8mm Mig Wire

           £599 plus vat

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