Plasma 56I 1PH machine

Plasma 56I 1PH machine
Description PLASMA 46i, PLASMA 56i & 76iSP models Important notice; Many small inverter plasma machines on the market today do not comply with BS EN standards, these can be unsafe to use & possibly lethal. We strongly suggest you take great care before purchasing a plasma cutter. The AWD has recently issued an industry safety warning regarding this. Up to 25mm cutting on single phase (Depending on model selected). These robust plasma cutters are the ideal machine for cutting all metals for fabrication & maintenance. These models give a fast really clean cut on virtually all metals. We fit Trafimet cutting torches which perform superbly & have no expensive consumable parts keeping your consumable costs very low. This combined with the high electrical efficiency ensures your overall running costs are kept to an absolute minimum, in fact we are confident these models cost less to run than any other machine on the market today. These machines are generator friendly. Built to comply with BS EN 60974-1, CE marked, RoHS compliant and WEEE registered so you can be sure of the safety & quality. Standard functions & features • Pilot arc to give the best starting & assist with cutting on painted metals or mesh or rusty materials. • Infinitely variable output current from 20A up to machines max output. • High duty cycle to cope with heavy cutting applications. • High efficiency so uses less electric than many other machines. • Fail safe low pressure switch to shut machine down if air supply drops too low. • Easy to operate with a no fuss approach to the controls so you can simply plug in and cut. • These models are fitted with an air regulator with built in filter and water trap and an accurate pressure gauge • Fitted with Trafimet torches which use very common low cost torch consumables (very economical to run). • All models have the plasma torch fitted internally for very high safety. • 76iSP model has a digital meter to display cutting current. Technical Spec Plasma 46i Plasma 56i Plasma 76iSP Mains input voltage 230V 230V 230V Input fuse 13A* / 16A 16A 32A (16A OK for most cutting) Generator minimum size 6KVA 6KVA 10KVA Output current 20-40A variable 20-50A variable 20-70A variable Duty cycle 40A @ 60% 50A @ 40% 70A @ 40% Size approx 405Lx360Hx210W 450Lx360Hx210W 580Lx360H230W Weight approx 12Kg 14Kg 19Kg Cutting torch 6M CB50 6M CB50 6M CB70 Max severance cut 15mm 17mm 25mm Max recom cut (M. steel) 10mm 12mm 19mm Max recom cut (stainless/ali) 7mm 9mm 14mm *When using with a 13A fuse on the higher settings the fuse may blow occasionally. 3 phase models also available



T/A 165i MMA Inverter 240v

Capable of 3.2mm electrode 

    In carrycase c/w leads   

             £199 plus vat                                                                                                                       


  Kapio S4 Respiratory Unit


c/w ADF, Helmet, Battery,

     Charger & Holdall

           ONE ONLY

         £349 plus vat

also one only Navitek S13

Respiratory Unit complete

        £465 plus vat


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    Ceramic Flap Discs ?

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Compact Mig Offer



   c/w 3m Torch, Regulator

   & reel 0.8mm Mig Wire

           £599 plus vat

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