Mig Welder, Lorch MicorMig 400BG Gas cooled, 5m Intercons, Basic

Mig Welder, Lorch MicorMig 400BG Gas cooled, 5m Intercons, Basic Plus front panel

Mig Welder, Lorch MicorMig 400BG Gas cooled, 5m Intercons, Basic Plus front panel. Lorch is expanding its range of durable, inverter-based MIG-MAG units with the new MicorMIG series. The innovative, patented Micor inverter technology is bearing fruit for the first time in the wide-ranging MIG-MAG application. The MicorMIG series combines the special welding features of the fully resonant Micor technology with an innovative operating concept and simple upgrading of welding processes, welding programs and additional functions. Enclosed in a compact, robust housing, the infinitely variable unit is extremely versatile in use – suitable for use in small businesses all the way to industrial companies. The patented Lorch Micor technology enables an extremely stable, powerful arc with outstanding welding properties for steel, stainless steel and aluminium. In the process, in comparison with traditional transformer units the MicorMIG is extremely energy-efficient, which means lower power consumption, and the units are less susceptible to fluctuations in the power grid, thanks to the innovative inverter

Technical Specification - MIG-MAG 30-400A. Infinitely variable voltage adjustment. Mixed gas + CO2. Steel welding wire 0.6-1.6. Aluminium 1.0-1.6.  CuSi 0.8-1.2. Duty Cycle 100%@40c  290, 60%@40c 350 Duty Cycle I max @40c 45%. 32a delayed mains fuse. Dimensions 880x490x855. Weight 64kg

Infinitely variable welding inverter for MIG-MAG welding,  innovative and patented Micor technology delivers maximum power and exceptional welding characteristics, superior welding performance on steel, stainless steel and aluminium, exceptionally well-suited for mixed gas and CO² with electrode welding function. Can be expanded by additional functions and welding processes such as SpeedArc to boost MIG-MAG welding speeds by up to 30%. Available as a compact system or with separate wire feeder case, available as gas-cooled or water-cooled. With industrial 4/2-roll precision wire feeder, also available with 4/4 precision wire feeder

3 steps to weld” operating concept, three control panels to choose from: Basic, BasicPlus, ControlPro (including synergy control for BasicPlus or greater) including crater filling as well as dynamic control. Digital display of welding current and voltage, user identification option via RFID, sight glass indicating the fill level of the wire reel. Option for remote control torch with the Powermaster torch and can be optionally equipped for push-pull torch and Lorch NanoFeeder (for up to 50 m welding range). In a robust, completely transportable industrial  housing. Models MicorMIG 350 or greater come standard with an industrial housing including extra-wide chassis, manufactured and tested according to DIN EN 60974-1, with CE mark, S-symbol and IP 23



T/A 165i MMA Inverter 240v

Capable of 3.2mm electrode 

    In carrycase c/w leads   

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