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Lorch S8 Mig/Mag Welder with Speed Pulse
The MIG/MAG sensation. Steel can also be economically pulse welded for the first time. Up to 48% faster using SpeedPulse
Description Lorch S8 Mig/Mag Welder with Speed Pulse Welding wires Steel 0.6 – 1.6mm : Aluminium 1.0-2.4mm : CuSi 0.8-1.2mm Duty cycle 100 % 400A : Duty cycle 60 % 500A : Duty cycle I max. 60% Mains voltage 3-400V : Power plug 35A SpeedPulse/4-Rolls Weight 107.3KG The MIG/MAG sensation. Steel can also be economically pulse welded for the first time. Up to 48% faster using SpeedPulse - the new, innovative process for MIG/MAG pulse welding. The times in which MIG/MAG pulsing was only used in practice for aluminium and stainless steel have thus finally come to an end. With the innovative SpeedPulse process technology, the Lorch developers are setting new standards in pulse technology. With the new S-series, our process specialists have succeeded in realising an almost continuous but still with pulsed material transfer into the workpiece instead of a single drop per current pulse. The melting power of the S-Series could thus be increased by more than one third and for steel even practically increased by half. The major development result for this process innovation was that the pulse welding process thereby - precisely controlled technically - only runs "almost" continuously. This is because there are no short-circuits for the S-Series as are produced for an actually permanent material flow and which adversely affect the quality of the welding seam due to persistent weld spatter. Neither is there any transition arc. With the S-series, you also weld 1 mm plates with 1.2 wire and draw through seamlessly without interruption and without wire change up to the maximum current. Up to 48% process acceleration for steel welding and more than 30% for stainless steel are the impressive result - still with outstanding pulse quality of the welding seam. The SpeedPulse is also impressive with outstanding arc stability and deep penetration depth which also brings clear benefits for welding aluminium. Due to the control technology of the new Lorch S-Series, a permanently well visible and pointed wire end is guaranteed which makes mastering the process much easier for the welder. The speed benefit of the new S-Series can be converted to additional metres of welding seams immediately by practically every professional welder. In this way, there is enormous potential for increased productivity, particularly for steel welding, for specialised welding companies and industrial enterprises. MIG/MAG pulsing for the first time is also the best and most economic process there. The new Lorch S-Series will be supplied from December 2008 in a wide range of different cover and wire feed case variants. The LorchNet interface for simple automation is also included as standard. A new, digital push-pull controller is also available which also makes possible a welding area of up to 8 m, even more than 20 m with intermediate drive, for soft aluminium wires.



T/A 165i MMA Inverter 240v

Capable of 3.2mm electrode 

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